how to apply

“Let us search for countless different answers to the questions of why we want to do circus, how we want to do circus, and what we (can possibly) express by doing circus. Let us do that together“: Bauke Lievens

How to apply

This project is made for circus-artists living in the Netherlands, preferably in the Rotterdam region.
Circunstruction is to help circus-artists to develop the creation of performance longer than 15 min, a performance where the creators will use circus techniques and other forms of theatre to communicate with the public.

Step 1:
Write a mail to Jördis Cordua ( where you explain shortly your project.
She will read it carefully and if it fits into Circunstruction she will invite you for a longer talk about your project.

Step 2:
You will get a form with questions ( see a copy below) related to your project, answering these questions will help rethink your project.

Step 3:
In communication with Jördis, you should write a text where to explain the content and goals of your project.

Step 4:
The board of Stg. snaD will choose the projects who are most promising.

Step 5:
If your project is chosen you will get financial support for a working period of around 3 weeks. (including artistic advice, rehearsal space, travel costs, costumes, requisites, and/or technical aspects).
Part of the project is to perform a minimum of 3 times in different spaces in Rotterdam.
You are expected to come and see the performances of the other projects to discuss and contradict each other.

Step 6:
After finishing your project successfully, Jördis will help you to make contacts to go on professionalizing your project.

At this moment you can apply once a year around December.
If you are interested get in contact with Jördis and ask for actual deadlines.

Questions to think about and to be answered after the discussion with Jördis.

Title (working title):                                        Name of company (if you have):

Website (if you have):                                    Video link if you have:

Who is leading the project?                           Who is taking part, with which disciplines?

Email-address (all members):                       Mobile number (all members):

Actual hometown all members:                     Hometown 2021-2022:


What is your goal within Circunstruction?

What is your goal after Circunstruction?

Very short description of your show: (about two sentences)

Artistic concept:

What do you want to investigate (Theme)?

What do you want to share with your public?

What are your motives to communicate with your public about this specific theme?

How do you want to communicate this with your public? What are the thoughts/ inspiration the public will take home?

Can you describe how your show will look like, just give an impression (not a storyboard)

Working method:

What do you want to research in physical circus technic? How?

What kind of assignments will you use for improvising etc…?

What do you need for artistic advice?

With whom do you want to work as artistic advice? (Dramaturg choreographer, director?)

Artistic career:

Why would you make a piece by yourself?

In what way does this help in your development as an artist?

What is the contribution of each artist?

Short description of the artistic career


How far are you with research? When are you planning to work further?

Technical conditions:

What do you need? What are the technical conditions to work? Rigging? Height? Floor?

Do you have a working place in your mind?


Which public do you want to reach? Outside-inside? Stage? Age-wise, festival-public, all kinds, family, special groups…? think about innovative possibilities to reach your public, special activities, try to reach a special group of public according to your theme….

Jördis Cordua 06-44072345

Please send this form as an attachment (as a .doc or .docx document no pdf!) to Jördis